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Simply Mindful– 7-Week Course Available Soon

Simply Mindful is an easy-to-use, all-natural remedy that contains no harmful additives. In each chapter you’ll discover how mindfulness changes the brain as you learn core practices for enhancing your life in a positive way. One simple step at a time, you’ll discover how to get off auto-pilot, reduce stress, and transform your life with compassionate Presence.

If you’re feeling fragmented, exhausted, distracted and disconnected, try the timeless, ancient practice that’s as relevant for finding peace and joy in the 21st century as it was over two thousand years ago. When you get Simply Mindful, you invite the essence of mindfulness into your life and the lives of others.


Simply Mindful is a book for today. Donald Altman skillfully integrates science and practice to help you become less stressed, more productive and satisfied with your life. What’s more, it gives you the essential tools to handle the challenges of life with greater ease, resilience, and grace.

—John Baldoni, international executive coach and leadership educator, author of Grace: A Leader s Guide to a Better Us

Reading this book is like taking a natural stress-reducer more powerful, longer lasting, and safer than any stress relief drug. The only side-effects are more joy, calm and tranquility.

—Randall Fitzgerald, journalist and author