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Clearing Emotional Clutter

Mindfulness Practices for Letting Go of What’s Blocking Your Fulfillment and Transformation

One of the Best Spiritual Books of 2016 by Spirituality & Health

Emotional clutter is the psychological version of the jam-packed closet or impenetrable garage. International mindfulness expert Donald Altman integrates mindfulness with neuroscience to show how to de-clutter yourself of old pains and traumas that block your success and happiness, and keep you from having the life of your dreams.

This book gives you a fresh start as you connect with your deeper meaning, purpose and the compassionate heart. You’ll focus on untying the knots of suffering and aligning yourself with the joy of the Here and Now.

Here is the book’s 4-part process for decluttering:

Part 1: Recognizing and Clearing Away Old Emotional Clutter

Part 2: Healing Relational, Cultural, and Ancestral Clutter

Part 3: Preventing New Emotional Clutter with Daily De-Cluttering

Part 4: Transformation and Fulfillment with Peace, Purpose, and Wholeness


More proof that Donald Altman is a master of mindfulness practices. Just as physical belongings can accumulate and molder, so, too, can towering heaps of emotional baggage, and to our rescue rides Donald Altman, author of the new book Clearing Emotional Clutter. . . . Altman’s strength as an author is that he blends his mindfulness teachings with information culled from research conducted by psychologists, cognitive scientists, and neurologists. . . .The result is a useful guide to living our lives in a lighter, less burdened way, releasing ourselves and those around us from unnecessary ‘stuff.’ If that’s not simplifying, what is?
— Spirituality & Health

“[Donald Altman] guides readers through six clutter-clearing mindfulness skills . . . [T]he advice will be most helpful for those impacted adversely by past events.”
— Library Journal

Donald Altman’s de-cluttering lifestyle tools have the potential to rewire your brain so you can gain new levels of mental clarity, overcome limiting fears, enhance your relationships, and even untie knots of new emotional clutter in the moment.
— Jeffrey M. Schwartz, MD, author of You Are Not Your Brain

Mindfulness expert Donald Altman shines a bright light on the relationship between mindfulness and emotional health in his excellent new book, Clearing Emotional Clutter, providing you with exactly the tools you need to make mindfulness a daily tool for emotional growth and healing.
— Eric Maisel, author of Life Purpose Boot Camp