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Keys to Deep Peace, Love and Acceptance CD

1-Hour of Guided Meditations

Donald has taught these popular meditations to thousands of mental health professionals and others who want to invite deeper levels of peace and love into their lives.

Donald guides you—along with soothing background music—to new levels of quiet and calm with over an hour’s worth of refreshing and re-invigorating guided meditations. Included is the powerful Loving-Kindness meditation, a scientifically proven way to feel safer and more secure.

Play any of these peaceful meditations at night or anytime you need to find greater balance and harmony. Although these meditations are found in the book The Mindfulness Code (and some of Donald’s other works), these are stand-alone meditations that require no other materials.

You’ll enjoy listening to these timeless and transformative practices as a way to find deep peace at anytime, anywhere you want. This popular CD makes an ideal gift for anyone wanting to make peace with the mind, live with compassion, and directly face the conditions of life with newfound acceptance and wisdom.