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Healing, Relaxation and Stress Reduction CD

1-Hour of Guided Meditations

At Donald’s workshops, this is one of his most popular CDS. Maybe that’s because the meditations on this CD have been taught to thousands of mental health and other professionals who work with clients suffering from anxiety, depression, stress and pain. Now you can directly listen to Donald teaching these timeless and transformative practices.

This CD contains over an hour’s worth of calming, guided meditations. Each of the 7 tracks is unique, and each targets a different healing modality and means of relaxing the body. You’ll learn how to rest the weary mind, use calming affirmations, and appreciate the “ordinary goodness” all around you.

With Donald’s clear instructions and soothing music in the background, you’ll be guided to use your breath to foster deep relaxation as you turn on the body’s innate relaxation response. Donald explains postures that help do this, even teaching the science behind why this is so effective. In fact, this breathing is even taught to the Navy SEALS to help deal with stress as they remain mentally clear and focused.

You’ll enjoy over an hour’s worth of calming and tranquil meditations to help you find balance with mind-body-spirit. Although these meditations are found in the book The Mindfulness Code (and some of Donald’s other works), these are stand-alone meditations that require no other materials.