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Simply Mindful — All-New

For individuals, educators, coaches, counselors and business persons who want a step-by-step approach to learning and mastering mindfulness, as well as teaching mindfulness to others.

Simply Mindful offers easy-to-follow science and research-based curriculum and structured approach to learning mindfulness. You’ll get a clear understanding of the core concepts of mindfulness, along with detailed practices and skills–perfect as handouts for applying mindfulness at work, at home and in relationships. It even includes an overview of the traditional four foundations of mindfulness and its role in Buddhism, as well as how it’s been used in Western healthcare and business.

Most importantly, these pages can help anyone gain the real-life benefits that mindfulness offers. Simply Mindful features:

The latest neuroscience behind mindfulness and stress reduction.

Cutting-edge research about why present moment awareness improves health, creativity and productivity.

Over 35 detailed practices for learning and applying mindfulness–from mindfulness of the breath to intentional awareness and the loving-kindness practices.

• The 5-Steps to G-R-E-A-T Mindful Self-Care which are like your boot-camp for preparing a successful mindfulness practice.

• A Dedicated Mindfulness at Work Chapter, for building collaboration, increasing productivity, and boosting creativity–including research and practices.

• A Dedicated Mindfulness at Home Chapter for applying mindfulness at home, for cultivating caring relationships–including research and practices.

• Handy tools for finding practices and getting more information, such as an Index of Exercises and Practices, Biographical References, For Further Reading, and Online Resources.

Whether you’re distracted and exhausted, or calm and connected, here’s your all-natural resilience-building remedy.


Simply Mindful is a book for today. Donald Altman skillfully integrates science and practice to help you become less stressed, more productive and satisfied with your life. What’s more, it gives you the essential tools to handle the challenges of life with greater ease, resilience, and grace.

—John Baldoni, international executive coach and leadership educator, author of Grace: A Leader s Guide to a Better Us

Mindfulness expert Donald Altman has done it again, offering refreshing and timely mindfulness exercises and advice in an effective format. Prepare to be transformed by the end of your journey.
− Chris Willard, PsyD; educational consultant and author, Growing Up Mindful

Reading this book is like taking a natural stress-reducer more powerful, longer lasting, and safer than any stress relief drug. The only side-effects are more joy, calm and tranquility.

—Randall Fitzgerald, journalist and author

The simple and practical exercises in this well-researched guide make it perfect for teachers, therapists and their clients, or anyone desiring to live mindfully, with greater awareness, compassion and joy.
− David Nez; art therapist, teacher and author, The Tree of Visions