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Awaken to the Wisdom of the Here and Now

Multi-tasking and splintered attention spans are rewiring our brains, making it difficult for many to focus and enjoy simple pleasures that come from slowing down and using sustained attention. This book is designed as a mindfulness practice for our 21st Century world, to counter the distraction and overload that can leaves us feeling fragmented, exhausted and disconnected from others.

Reflect taps into your unique human capacity for accessing meaning, presence and wisdom in 108 inspiring, affirming, and illuminating reflections. You’ll journal, reflect, and practice, to discover the wonder and stillness of presence that exists for you, not tomorrow, but in this next awakening moment.

There are eight sections, Simplicity and Peace, Nature, Relationships, Love, Laughter, Bliss, Transformation, and Wisdom. Each reading is followed by three targeted prompts, or reflections to help you pause, focus and gain deep insight. In doing this, you’ll actually be rewiring the most human part of your brain (pre-frontal cortex), which helps you regulate emotions and connect with others in a deep, satisfying way. Best of all, you can reflect anywhere, anytime, whenever you need to slow things down.

If you feel like you’ve been stuck repeating the same problems over and over or lost in endless distraction, don’t worry. That may just be a signal that it’s time for you to embark on an exciting new path of self-evolution that lets you pause, reflect, and repeat.


This is a book to use every day, but especially on those days when you need help with changing your outlook on life and your relationships. Each section begins with a poetic reflection, followed by three ways to investigate that reflection in your life. You are inspired to be present with each sensation, person, and event in your life, and to let go of what blocks the joy and satisfaction that Presence can reveal. My personal favorite is, What is one worry you could release with the next out-breath?

–Jan Chozen Bays, MD and Zen Roshi, author of Mindful Eating

This book is a masterpiece. It is bound to become a classic for those of us who are serious about the business of true awakening. It is also a breath of fresh air. Donald Altman knows how to formulate the deepest wisdom with such an easy, tender and compassionate touch. And a wildly funny remark is never far away! I love this book already and know that it will inspire me for years to come. With tremendous craft Altman is able to awake the reader to the brilliancy of this moment. As he puts it, The mind is like a wild mustang that will kick you unless trained. This is the clearest, most poetic and most practical book on mindfulness I have seen in years. A lasting gift!

–Frank Coppieters, PhD, author and international meditation teacher

Reflect skillfully combines wisdom and humor, and I found myself not only reflecting but laughing at times, which drives the point home really well! The profound insights are accessible to everyone. I loved this book.
–David Nez, artist and author of The Tree of Visions

Donald’s wonderful book Reflect offers insightful and mindful reflections on the most important aspects of our lives. In our relationships, we should see partners, friends, and relatives with fresh eyes. Love involves the mindful deepening to the richness and subtleties of our connectedness. We should lighten up and enjoy laughter and humor so that we can truly open up to the here and now.

–John B. Arden, PhD, author of Mind-Brain-Gene

In a series of poetic aphorisms, Donald Altman caresses the topics of simplicity, peace, love, and bliss to illuminate the stuck places in our psyche and bring us home to our deeper selves. Reflect is truly magical.

–John Nelson, author of A Guide to Energetic Healing

Serenity is closer than we think, no further from us than the pages of this gem of a book. Every reflection within is an opportunity for heightened awareness, an open invitation to embrace life’s journey without mindless distraction, reveling in those spaces between thoughts, where we are inspired to receive the light of discovery and can reflect on the blessings of our truest, most pure and profound nature.

–Randall Fitzgerald, author and journalist

Reflection is a process of taking stock of yourself and where you stand in the world. As simple as it may sound it takes practice to develop the habit of practicing reflection. Fortunately, Donald Altman’s newest book, Reflect, provides insights into how you can make reflection a habit. Doing so will energize yourself as well as make you more aware of how you deliver your best to others.

–John Baldoni, author of Grace: A Leader s Guide to a Better Us