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Your Karma Is in the Refrigerator CD

1-Hour of Guided Meditations

As a pioneer in the field of mindful eating with his book Art of the Inner Meal and his work as past Vice-President of The Center for Mindful Eating, Donald is dedicated to helping individuals invite more conscious eating into their lives.

The meditations and skills on this CD have been taught to thousands of persons the keys to bringing healthier attitudes to food, eating and body image.

Step-by-step, Donald guides you into the heart of mindful eating. You’ll be encouraged to find the joy that fulfills you with food, rather than simply fills you up! This profound shift can change how you savor and approach the next morsel.

The 10 tracks on this CD give you over an hour’s worth of guided skills and meditations designed to help you break free from the unsatisfying cycle of dieting and unhappiness with body image. Best of all, you can listen to these guided meditations anytime, anywhere you want a more balanced relationship with food, body image and eating.