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Living Kindness

The Buddha’s Ten Guiding Principles for a Blessed Life

Living Kindness—a book that was used at the United Nations to teach meditation and as required reading for a Buddhist Chaplaincy program—invites you to deeply experience and integrate the Buddha’s ten guiding principles for leading a blessed life.

Through transformative stories and inspiring anecdotes, international mindfulness expert Donald Altman shows how ten timeless principles—generosity, effort, patience, ethics, simplicity and meditation, wisdom, truthfulness, steadfastness, equanimity, and loving-kindness—all serve to invite personal awakening and compassionate living.

Demonstrating how these wise principles have endured in the rituals and practices of many of the world’s great religions, Living Kindness offers clarity, comfort, and guidance to everyone, regardless of faith or creed. This handbook for enlightened living will help you meet the challenges of today’s increasingly complex world with wisdom and kindness.


With a distinct sense of clarity, humor and wisdom, these pages bring to life the very principles used by the Gautama Siddhartha, the historical Buddha, to attain enlightenment.

—Lama Surya Das, (from the foreword), author of Awakening the Buddha Within

Living Kindnessillustrates heartfelt practices that can shift the balance of our world toward healing. I am touched and moved by these gentle yet powerful thoughts.

Alan Cohen, author of Wisdom of the Heart