Employee Wellness

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Create a positive and productive working environment by offering wellness solutions from international mindfulness expert, author and teacher Donald Altman, M.A., LPC.

When stress becomes counterproductive, it causes loss of productivity, lack of cooperative teamwork, and increased sick days and illness. This is not unusual, given the demands of competition and the need to do more in less time.

The American Psychology Association’s survey of Stress in America shows that two of every three persons suffers from a debilitating form of physical or emotional symptoms related to stress. A large percentage of these react to stress through unhealthy eating and even abusive behavior towards others.

Donald’s mindfulness content can be tailored to your needs. It centers on helping employees feel more empowered through simple daily practices. In addition, they have been shown to lower levels of stress and naturally reduce high blood pressure.

Donald developed and facilitated a brief mindfulness training for Priests at the University of Portland. Published in The Journal for Nurse Practitioners, stress and blood pressure scores showed significant improvements after an 8 week period.

A Corporate, Healthcare and Educational Wellness & ReNewal Program

Whether your employees work in a corporate, healthcare, educational or other environment, wellness courses or trainings offer employees direct guidance and tools for wellness.

  • Optimize Creativity
  • Build Leadership and Teamwork
  • Enhance Life-Work Balance 
  • Improve Health and Productivity 

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