Eat, Savor, Satisfy: 12 Weeks to Mindful Eating Program with Video and Audio


Eat, Savor, Satisfy: 12 Weeks to Mindful Eating Program with Video and Audio


Do you struggle with having a healthy relationship with food, body, and weight? If you have been on the diet-merry-go-round, Eat, Savor, Satisfy is a complete program for overcoming food cravings, becoming aware of hunger signals, managing weight, finding peace with body image, and much, much more. It can help you gain greater sense of control over food and eating.

International mindful eating export Donald Altman, M.A., LPC is a psychotherapist, former Buddhist monk, and award-winning author. Donald, who is past Vice-President of The Center for Mindful Eating, is a featured expert in The Mindfulness Movie and is profiled in the Living Spiritual Teachers Project. He has taught at Portland State University and Lewis and Clark College Graduate School of Education and Counseling. 

In Eat, Savor, Satisfy Donald leads you through over an guided mindful eating meditations, as well as being your online video guide through the activities in the program.  If you want to bring balance to eating, this program can transform your relationship to that next morsel.

With each eBook you’ll get the following:

  • A 270-page downloadable Guidebook with exercises and food log.
  • 27 Unique Mindful Eating Skills
  • Links to the Your Karma Is in the Refrigerator CD—which contains an hour of guided meditations that are integrated into the book
  • Links to 6-hours of Online Video Instruction that guides you through the activities.


Sample Video — Week 1 Introduction to Program and Overview  (13 minutes)

A Guide to Creating a Healthy Relationship with Food, Body & Weight

This comprehensive mindful eating program was developed by Donald Altman, M.A., LPC, a psychotherapist, international mindfulness expert and award-winning author who has taught mindfulness to thousands of healthcare professionals and others.


Week 1– Acceptance and Commitment: Discover a new, more gentle and inviting approach to change.

Week 2– What Is Mindfulness? What is Mindful Eating?: Explore the openness that mindfulness brings to your relationship with food and others in your life.

Week 3– Food Static: Learn how to recognize food static in your environment, and how to tune in to your own clear channel of thought and observations.

Week 4– Mindful Simplicity, Food Choices, and Craving: Create a stress-free environment by taking control of how you use technology, time, and activities. Learn to manage cravings and desires.

Week 5– Exploring Hunger and the Power of Ritual: Discover how to rate, recognize, and respond to hunger as a message from your body. Use ritual to enhance each morsel with meaning.

Week 6– The Hero’s Journey With Food: Find out how your experience with food is actually part of the universal, mythical journey of growth that all people undergo.

Week 7– Mindful Food Shopping and Mindful Eating: Regain control over food shopping, and experience mindful eating.

Week 8– Reclaiming Your Body Image: Re-learn how to recognize and accept your body’s power and beauty.

Week 9– 7-Steps to Normal and Mindful Eating: Explore Normal and Mindful Eating, and learn how to enjoy food by not denying yourself, but by giving yourself permission.

Week 10– Your Supportive Intelligences: Harness your nine types of natural intelligence and create space from food habit and stress.

Week 11– Accepting Change and Letting Be: Experience the Wisdom of Perhaps; Learn how to manage food portions using the empty plate technique.

Week 12– Adopting This Body, This Self: Experience the freedom and power that comes from nurturing and parenting your self with love.

I probably cannot express to you how important the 12-week program was for me, and how timely it was for me, too. I truly feel that I have a new and healthier relationship with food, and its connection to all things. I feel that it is helping me to know myself, and to be honest with myself. I could likely write a book about the numerous aspects of the this that I have already found to be beneficial. Thank you, Donald. I had a wonderful experience. —Erin H. 

I have learned so much from Donald Altman’s online course and it has helped me maintain a 75-pound weight loss. Instead of feeling that I had to do it perfectly and in order, this course allowed me to just let go and do it in ways that work for me and my schedule. The course helped me to connect with my breath and stillness. Instead of feeling that I’m holding up my weight loss through will and anxiety and sweat, I’m stiller and more connected to my breath. How simply amazing! —Mary C.

Altman’s Eat, Savor, Satisfy: 12-Weeks to Mindful Eating Program™ weaves together a wonderful set of practices. He draws on many sources of wisdom, from neurophysiology to ancient methods of quieting the mind. Each week presents a new perspective to provide guidance in creating a healthier and more satisfying relationship to food, but without preaching. The material is both practical – and embued with spirit. Moving through the steps of the program would help anyone create both more joy in their eating – and more health. —Jean Kristeller, PhD,creator, Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Trainingand The Joy of Eating Half a Cookie

12-Weeks to Mindful Eating Program™ is presented in a clear, user-friendly manner. It is rich in strategies and resources that promote mindful eating and stress reduction. Most of all, it is written with loving-kindness and compassion for those who struggle with disordered eating concerns. It is an investment well worth the time and money for both practitioners and individuals who seek a timely and well-respected treatment option. This work is a testimony to the author’s gentle and caring spirit, as well as his mastery of the subject. —Jacqueline Abbott, DrPH, CEDS, RDE, LP, Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling Eating Disorder Certificate Program

At last, here is a comprehensive and straightforward manual to introduce the power of mindfulness to eating. This manual is an invaluable and effective resource. The detailed session-by-session format, worksheets, CDs, in session exercises and lecture material are a very well designed and efficient resource. This manual is filled with practical and clinically sound approaches to mindfulness. 12-Weeks to Mindful Eating Program™ is a substantial contribution to the field of mindfulness! —Greg Crosby MA LPC CGP author of Transforming ADHD


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