Power of Reflection


Power of Reflection


Prepare to transform feelings of stress, distraction, disconnection and burn-out.  

ReNew Courses are immersions into Awakening Your Spiritual Self. Each course covers a different topic with 12 commentaries, or teachings. Read three teachings a week to make this a month-long immersion, or just go at your own pace, immersing yourself anywhere, anytime.

The Power of Reflection ReNew Course was developed because going on long retreats and sitting in meditation for hours is a luxury many can’t afford. We need a Mindfulness practice designed for the 21st Century — a simple, accessible, and transformative practice to use throughout the day that offers meaningful connections and depth awareness.

The Power of Mindfulness ReNew Coursedraws upon the original meaning of mindfulness (sati), which is self-recollection and self-remembrance. In other words, it helps us regain the fragmented parts of ourselves that are lost to distraction, multi-tasking, and an emphasis on speed.The ability to stop what we are doing and to reflect is being lost in our modern, fast-paced world. The course features 3-Guided Videos of mediations as Donald guides you into experiencing reflection and the power of pause.



The Power of Reflection ReNew Course immerses you in a mindfulness for our 21st century through the unique PRRR practice developed by psychotherapist, former monk and award-winning mindfulness author Donald Altman. This practice is crucial to developing the whole self and the whole brain. In this course, you’ll learn a practice of reflection that cuts through the I-dentity and produces deeper awareness, compassion, and connection in your life.

  • Each ReNew Course steeps you in month-long immersive-learning. Simply read a new teaching each Mon-Wed-Fri. for a month to facilitate depth learning. Every teaching includes a powerful practice so you’ll quickly integrate joy and meaning in your life! Plus, included Video links will further guide you. 

We all possess this special capacity to pause and look inward. But, as Donald often makes the point, “If you want your life to change, you must first be willing to do something about it!” This course enacts change from the inside-out because we know from brain science that how you use your attention changes the brain.

This is made possible through the most human part of the brain — that area right behind the eyebrow ridge — which is crucial for empathy and connection, as well as emotional regulation and even impulse control. Distraction produced by overstimulation, for example, keeps this part of the brain from getting activated and strengthened!

The Power of Reflection ReNew Course contains:

  • A book (both PDF and Kindle e-book .m0bi) featuring 12 detailed chapters on core challenges and relevant brain science related to deepening awareness
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Daily practices that you can immediately put into use
  • 3-Guided Videos with Donald talking about the practices and guiding you through selected meditations

To embrace the power of reflection is to experience first-hand the liberation, fulfillment, and joy that comes from getting free from auto-pilot and habitual patterns of reacting. If we don’t first disarm the ego in order to make peace with ourselves, how can we hope to make peace with others? How can we cultivate nurturing and enriching relationships? This course will make reflection a habit and help you to deliver your best to others in all facets of your life.

This immersive course is available for just $14.95 for the entire month.

  • You’ll receive a PDF of the entire Power of Reflection ReNew Course that you can print out and refer to any time. As a bonus, you’ll also get the Kindle .mobi file.


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