The Mindful Life


The Mindful Life


Are you hungry for more daily meaning and fulfillment? Prepare to experience renewal of your daily life as you plant fresh awareness of mindfulness into all you experience.

ReNew Courses are immersions into Awakening Your Spiritual Self. Each course covers a different topic with 12 commentaries, or teachings. Read three teachings a week to make this a month-long immersion, or just go at your own pace, immersing yourself anywhere, anytime.

The Mindful Life ReNew Course is designed to immerse you in mindfulness practices that will seamlessly become part of your day, part of your life. You’ll touch the present moment in ways you might never have imagined. The course features over 40-minutes of Guided Video Meditations with Donald Altman as he expertly teaches fundamental practices for shifting your awareness. In these 3-Guided Video meditations, you’ll experience heart of mindfulness and mindful living.



The Mindful Life ReNew Course immerses you in using mindfulness as an essential part of daily living. Donald says, “it only takes a few grains of mindfulness each day to deepen enjoyment and appreciation in daily life.” In this ReNew Course you’ll have more than just a few grains of mindfulness to invite into each day as you practice and meditate on key areas of mindful living.

  • Each ReNew Course steeps you in month-long immersive-learning. Simply read a new teaching each Mon-Wed-Fri. for a month to facilitate depth learning. Every teaching includes a powerful practice so you’ll quickly integrate joy and meaning in your life! Plus, included Video links will further guide you.

You’d almost think this timeless 2,500 year-old spiritual practice had been especially created and developed as a healing antidote for those of us living in the fast-paced, and digitally distracted 21st century! That’s where daily mindfulness practices come in. Mindfulness helps you integrate what you are already doing — even ordinary tasks — into your experience with a heightened sense of purpose, awareness, and appreciation.

The Mindful Life ReNew Course includes the following:

  • A book (both PDF and Kindle e-book .mobi) featuring 12 detailed chapters on aspects of mindful living
  • Inspirational quotes
  • A daily practice that you can immediately put into use
  • 3-Guided Videos with Donald talking about the practices and guiding you through selected meditations

Read these 12 inspirational teachings and watch the videos at your own pace. From savoring ordinary things to steeping in Nature’s healing glow to changing your perspective on that difficult person in your life, this course renews your focus and presence. Come see how mindfulness can change your life for the better, one moment at a time.

This course is available for just $14.95.

  • You’ll receive a PDF of the entire The Mindful Life ReNew Course that you can print out and refer to any time. As a bonus, you’ll also get the Kindle .mobi file.


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